Program Leadership

Steve Webster - Director, Cleantech Open Midwest
Steve Webster

Steven Webster 

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MBA-Finance: Michigan State University 

B.A.: James Madison College, Michigan State University 

Mr. Webster is Executive Fellow and Executive Director of the Cleantech Open-Midwest, Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas. 

Prior to the University of St. Thomas, Mr. Webster was CEO, founding Director and Board Chair of the Prima Civitas Foundation, a nonprofit enterprise that fostered economic development in communities across the State of Michigan. 

Prior to Prima Civitas, Mr. Webster served as Vice President for Governmental Affairs at Michigan State University advising four University presidents regarding important research, instruction and community engagement policy proposals in our nation and state capitols, and local governments. He also advised University leaders regarding off-campus economic development needs and programming across Michigan. 

Mr. Webster has also split his time advising a range of clients on domestic and international higher education economic development projects in the Middle East, North Africa and other international settings. 

Mr. Webster has become a successful problem solver with extensive experience developing and leading large and small university/public/private consortia formed to address complex, stubborn, challenges. 
He is a conceptualizer with a keen ability to see the 'big picture’ and create the vision, strategies and tactics necessary to realize that vision. 
He is passionate about building strategic partnerships, team building, mentoring and leadership development. 

Mr. Webster is awed by the problem solving power created when business, government, education and other enterprises join to tackle persistent challenges.