Sofi's Taste Kineto

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Sofi’s Taste Kineto

Sofi’s Taste Kineto is the first Ethiopian Brewery company in Minnesota. The name of the drink is Kineto, known as “Tella”. Fulfilling the natural desire taste of sweet and smooth. The drink is made out of natural grains of barley, honey, and water. Our business aims to bring a familiar taste to the Ethiopian community while providing a new taste the American community. As the drink is made out of natural grain ingredients, we are being mindful of our waste. Instead of simply just throwing away the cooked barley we are strategizing our wasteful products and composting the barley and minimizing our waste and making a difference to the environment. Our company will represent culture, tradition, and a unique familiar taste to the community and impacting our surrounding positively. We aim to satisfy our customers with the enriched taste of our drink. We uphold our promise to deliver a constant taste of greatness.

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