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Atlas Energy Systems, LLC

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Here is an amazing piece about Atlas Energy Systems, LLC! This is one of our 2017 Cleantech Open-Midwest teams. Learn more about them below!

Atlas Energy Systems, LLC:

Atlas Energy Systems, LLC is a nuclear energy company actively researching methods to recycle radioactive waste into usable electricity. The current goal of the company is to develop safe, long-lived radioisotope batteries and power supplies utilizing the materials in spent nuclear fuel. Spent nuclear fuel from nuclear reactors is continuing to accumulate with limited outlets for storage or disposal. Atlas Energy Systems aims to give value to radioactive waste, and in doing so provide an incentive to responsibly manage the waste. The company is doing this by developing a form of nuclear direct energy conversion technology that relies little on the type of radiation source. This technology has the potential to be deployed as small scale batteries, producing milliwatts of power, as well as large scale generators, producing megawatts of power. Applications for these power systems varies, ranging from small scale structural monitors, ocean monitoring buoys, to power supplies for satellites and other spacecraft. Atlas Energy Systems, LLC aims to help change the perception of nuclear energy and create a more sustainable energy ecosystem. The mission of the company is to become a global supplier of distributed methods of direct energy conversion that make use of a variety of sustainable resources.

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